The casino refused to pay the jackpot and took the money for itself

The player made a deposit and received two no deposit bonuses in a row. This is prohibited in the casino, and this is their right. But this question is already getting ridiculous. Casinos offer bonuses to players, give them them, and then it turns out that it is against the rules. It turns out that the operators themselves violate their rules, not limiting the receipt of bonuses.

Common practice

Many casinos talk about such "abuse" of bonuses. Someone says you can’t have two bonuses in a row, someone suggests some kind of formula by which you need to calculate the maximum allowable bonuses. In general, a lot of different things have been invented.

If, under such rules, the player is denied the accrual of prohibited bonuses, this is fair. But when the bonus is quietly issued, it already looks like a deception. At least, bad intentions are visible.

Why do that? Maybe then there was a reason not to pay the money? Or they are technically incapable of introducing these features. It is the same with maximum limits and forbidden games during wagering. Why not just allow violations, rather than deal with conflicts later?

Grand Eagle is a casino licensed in Curacao, one of the most unreliable jurisdictions around. At the end of last year, the government of Curacao promised that soon they would take up online gambling and begin to change the industry and laws for the better. But so far no action has been seen.

There is only one conclusion – read the rules carefully and take care yourself not to break anything. The casinos benefit from player disruption, so many will not stop you to use this as a reason for refusing to pay.

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