The casino removed Divine Fortune with a jackpot of 150,000. The reason is not clear

Personally, I don’t see the point. The jackpot was paid by the players using the jackpot contributions, a percentage of their bets.

Moreover, it is forbidden to simply remove the jackpot from the game.

The player did not want to name which casino did it, but noted that this is an operator with a good reputation, it has licenses and it is in good standing at Casinomeister. And in order not to tarnish their reputation, he just wants to know if there are real reasons for such an act or if it looks more like a deception.

According to him, at one point the casino had problems with all NetEnt slot machines. They were not loaded. And when he contacted support, specifically asking about Divine Fortune, he was given a generalized answer that all the company’s slots were unavailable and this could last up to 24 hours. After about 3 hours, all games were back except Divine Fortune.

Since the jackpot amount is collected at the expense of the players’ bets, the L&L representative raised the issue of returning the contribution amount to the jackpot (3% of the bets). For example, if there were total bets for 1,000 euros in this slot, then 30 euros was spent on accumulating the jackpot, and, in theory, the player can apply for their return.

However, the casino support service replied to the player that why on earth would he get something if he lost. This position is not correct. Losing the main bet, the player does not lose the chance to hit the jackpot another time. The amount does not belong to the casino and is kept with them only until it goes to one of the players. Otherwise, casinos would have removed jackpot slots without any problems, taking their savings and arguing that the players have lost.

The player later reported that the casino also removed the Holmes and the Stolen Stones, another local progressive jackpot slot. Perhaps there are some good reasons for this, but without an explanation from the casino, everything looks very doubtful.

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