The history of slot machines. Inventors and first devices

Charles Fey also lived in the USA, so there can be no doubt about the homeland of slot machines. In San Francisco, he worked as a mechanic and was fond of inventions. Some argue that he began work on the slot machine as early as 1887, several years before Sittman and Pitt’s invention. However, we also do not know when we started working on our Sittman and Pitt apparatus. Therefore, the question of who was the first remains open.

First developers

Soon after Charles Fey began producing Liberty Bell, various investors became interested in this area. As a result, Charles Fey joined the company Mills the Novelty Company About enterprise | Inc . And they started producing the Mills Owl, which was their first slot machine, and then the Mills Liberty Bell was launched. They were followed by a device with fruit symbols, Operator Bell.

In the thirties of the 20th century, Charles Fey was still working with Mills Novelty and released Silent Bell. The device produced significantly less noise and offered a maximum win rate of twice the usual.

In 1906, the Industry Novelty Company was formed by one of the Mills Novelty employees. Initially, they started as a slot repair company, and then they began to produce their own models. One of the most significant achievements of this company was that they came up with how slot machines can recognize coins of different denominations. They also invented a mechanism that prevented coins from getting stuck when thrown too quickly.

The first of those developers that still exist today was Aristocrat . The company was founded in 1953 and began to operate internationally. Its founder was Len Ainsworth, who then lost control of the company and subsequently created another, Ainsworth Game Technology .

History of the name of slot machines

One of the earliest names for the slot was nickel-in-the-slot. The reason for this was that the rate in the slot machines was 5 cents (nickel). And the word "slot" means a hole into which coins were thrown. Then this long name was shortened to "slot".

At the same time, slot machines were called one-armed bandits. For obvious reasons, this name stuck and is used to this day. Later, when images of fruits began to appear on the reels, they were called fruit machines.

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