The issue of using credit cards in online casinos in the UK

To resolve the issue, they turned to the public and now they are collecting the opinion of operators, financial organizations, organizations that help in paying off debts and players. According to the regulator, the issue of using credit cards is a priority this year.

The use of credit cards for gambling is indeed a tricky and controversial issue. On the one hand, this money really does not belong to the players and should not be gambled at least for the sake of one’s own welfare. However, some believe that this is their own business, where they spend borrowed money.

Some point out that any credit card costs may be out of bounds, not just casino costs. There is evidence that in the UK, 20% of the game is played with funds from credit cards. Of course, operators and financial institutions will not want a ban or restrictions. At the same time, influential officials are in favor of banning credit cards.

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