The most beautiful stakes of the world: who are these girls

Today, no one believes in stereotypes that gambling – they are exclusively for men. Many girls love to experience their luck no less than representatives of strong sex. Especially popular with women’s audience slots. It is concerned that in the first casino of the world, the slots were entertained predominantly women: so they Corotal time while their Cavalians were pleased with the pleasure of cards. It is understandable: the beautiful floor of the Fall on the pictures and dynamics.

But in the circles of players in poker girls at all times it was indeed less than men. Perhaps representatives of the beautiful floor these games seem too serious and tense: so they are looking for lighter alternatives. So, piercers are rather rarity, but they also come, and they can also show what a professional game.

Then, playing online poker, you can find at one virtual table with you players with frankly women’s nicknames. And how sometimes they play – Diva is given! Well, in traditional casinos, and even in professional poker tournaments, women skip. And there are among them such as not to forget – so beautiful ladies! And today your attention is a selection, which includes the brightest poker representatives.

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  • Lacy Jones
  • Kara Scott
  • Tiffany Michel
  • Joanna Cup
  • Melanie Iglesias
  • Jade Nicole
  • Liv Bori
  • Shannon Elizabeth
  • Sarah Jin Underwood
  • Tatyana Pasalich
  • Jennifer Lei
  • Vanessa Russo
  • Chatel McNeltti
  • Tara Rice
  • Call Gowen

Lacy Jones

Lacy Jones – Perhaps the brightest figure of the online poker world. At the table Full Tilt Poker and many others, she demonstrated far from one facilitous victory. Beauty 44 years old, and she lives in Texas, USA.

Kara Scott

Some women – inborn pencils, and looking at the game Kara Scott in this there is no doubt. This Canadian TV presenter is a frequent guest of the most high-profile poker events. In the service list of Caras – 2 prizes of the WSOP, the world series of poker.

The most beautiful stakes of the world: who are these girls

Tiffany Michel

Tiffany Michelle – another beauty that has disguised in WSOP. In 2006, Tiffany ranked 17th in the world series of poker, and this is despite the fact that at that time it was only 1 year old player experience. After such a bright debut, the beauty called to the UltimateBet Poker command.

The most beautiful stakes of the world: who are these girls

Joanna Cup

Many girls like a penis took place in the Rumy Titan Poker, and Joanna Cropa – one of them. Unfortunately, Joanna is no longer found for the game, as she focused on a model career, design and social activism. But as one of the most beautiful poker dives will be remembered for a long time.

The most beautiful stakes of the world: who are these girls

Melanie Iglesias

Some pinewalls of the world are the most beautiful in the presentation not only other players, but in general, all men! Melanie Iglesias Many people remembered their appearance on the pages of Maxim magazine in 2010. Professional model who was fond of poker, now retired the game to the background. However, the girl was shown in WPT advertising campaigns (especially brightly she decorated the ROYAL Flush Girls project).

Jade Nicole

Jade Nicole – another poker diva, famous for shooting for erotic magazines. In 2008, the girl became the best Playboy model. From the career of the model, Jade jumped into the world of a big game, and now actively plays poker, honables the skill and tries different strategies.

Liv Bori

Liv Bori many remembered not only by external beauty, but also the most beautiful poker winnings! According to estimates, in their part of the young English woman won about 2 million dollars. Liv is also engaged in modeling and work as a TV host. And, not surprisingly – enters the PokerStars team, representing the custa caster in all its glory.

Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon Elizabeth, many famous for the appearance in the film “American Pie”, managed to light up in poker circles. The former model is now devoted to itself predominantly charity, but also on poker tournaments still flashes.

Doors to the world of poker to her at one time discovered acquaintance with Fulltilt Poker. It is known that the girl won in poker tournaments about 200 thousand dollars.

Sarah Jin Underwood

Another model and actress, passionately loving poker – Sarah Jin Underwood. She even got the title of the sexiest girl according to Esquire magazine in 2012. Previously, the beauty collaborated with the portal Victory Poker, speaking face brand.

Tatyana Pasalich

The Bodog Poker team also has its own wonderful talisman! Young Croatuit Tatyana Pasalich – by profession a journalist, and by calling – true pen. The beauty of the girl has repeatedly noted many representatives of the poker world.

Jennifer Lei

If we talk about the most beautiful and well-known online pixists, you can not remember Jennifer Lei. This young girl is a permanent participant of thematic tournaments, which has already managed to choose 5 victorious places. For the final tables, she fell more than 20 times.

Vanessa Russo

Whether girls are not afraid of high rates? If we are talking about Vanessa Rousseau, then the answer will be “categorically no”! For the EPT Grand Final Hairoller Table in 2009, she won the tournament in his category, which struck the whole of Monaco. Included in the PokerStars Pro team, Vanessa has already threw the poker winnings in the amount of over $ 3 million. And then whether there will be, given the grip of this beauty!

The most beautiful stakes of the world: who are these girls

Chatel McNeltti

Next beauty from the selection – not the brightest player, rather a sebrist of the poker world. Shantel McNeltti has only 3 hit in prizes about $ 30,000. She is more known for its appearance and romantic relations with world poker asams.

Tara Rice

Tara Rice – another model, lacking stars from the sky in the game, but a very pleasing eye. However, in the Legends of Poker Ladies NO Limit Tournament 2005, Tara still took 35th place, which is considered a good indicator for the beginner.

Call Gowen

Call Gowen among girls today’s selection has far from the highest total winnings – just about 1.6 million dollars. But her cake pen is the brightest, and there is no doubt about it! Judge for yourself:

  • 2003 – Victory in WPT Costa Rica Classic,
  • Following – Winning in WPT Ladies’ Night,
  • It is one of the 5 poker ASs, entering the prizes in the transfer of Poker After Dark on NBC more than 3 times.

Also a clony writes for its own column in the poker magazine All in and acts as commentators world poker tournaments, including The Gaming Club World Poker Chaliapionship, Ultimate Poker Challenge and Women’s Poker UK OPEN BY 888.Com.

But it does not mean that only girls can play poker perfectly. This game is open to all, including for men.

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