The most gambling peoples and countries of the world have become known

In which countries do they gamble more than usual? Where there is a clear focus on specific categories – say, sports betting? Who prefers poker?? In which country lottery tickets are snapped up? And who, in principle, is the most reckless among nations?

Just a small spoiler: we are not talking about residents of Sin City, Atlantic City or Indian reservations. It would be too obvious! And in fact, in these places they treat gambling more calmly, they often turn a blind eye to it. And even China, whose residents still have a passion for gambling, lacks stars from the sky in the conditional rating of the most gambling countries.

If we analyze the addiction to casino games in different countries based on the amount, on average, played in a casino by a resident of a particular country per year, we can trace quite unexpected statistics. The company H2 Gambling Capital collected this: all kinds of casinos, bookmakers, poker rooms, sweepstakes and other representatives of both land-based and virtual gambling provided the relevant data for analysis. The total lost was divided by the number of adults in each country.

The factors of the game in the shadow segment and while traveling abroad are not taken into account in the statistics, but the data are still very indicative. Who was ahead of everyone. and who grazes the back?

Rating of the most gambling countries

5th place – Finland

Losers on average: $ 533 per year

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Finland is a pretty gambling country. The Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health cites statistics according to which almost half (41%) of the local adult population gambles at least once a week.

Finns play mainly the national lottery and sweepstakes. Casinos, online and land-based, are monopolized here at the state level. The profit goes to the development of educational and public institutions.

Interesting fact: a Finn who loses from 120 euros a year can get the official status of a gambling addict. It is possible to be treated for the disease at public expense.

4th place – Canada

Losers on average: $ 568 per year

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Casinos in Canada were legalized in the 20th century, in the 70s. However, the modern gambling public in Canada is also attracted by alternative gambling – bookmaker services and instant lotteries: for example, scratch cards.

Playing the lottery is an important element of local culture. 75% of the adult population of Canada buys lottery tickets regularly, and this is not considered something shameful or dangerous. Many even buy lottery cards as gifts for their children who are still in school.

Betting also does not stand aside, as Canadians are a sports nation. Almost everyone watches the NHL games here, as well as snowboard competitions, ski races, etc.d. And bookmakers in Canada are actively betting on these and other disciplines.

3rd place – Ireland

Losers on average: $ 588 per year

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If the Germans are punctual, and the British are stiff, then the Irish are famous lovers of arguments and bets. In addition, Ireland has a highly developed sports fan culture. So it turns out that the services of sweepstakes in Ireland are in demand with a bang. Favorite disciplines – horse racing, football, rugby.

There is even a separate subculture in Ireland, whose representatives watch sports matches in pubs, drinking and betting on their favorite teams. Representatives of the so-called “lad culture” – young guys and middle-aged men.

In many ways, the development of betting in Ireland was influenced by the cooperation of the universal Irish favorite Connor McGregor with the famous bookmaker. In the athlete’s homeland, there was an immediate boom in sports betting.

There is less interest in land-based casinos in Ireland, and they work according to old laws, which, in the opinion of the public, need reformation for a long time.

2nd place – Singapore

Losers on average: $ 1,100 per year

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Gambling in Singapore originated in 1968, but did not go beyond the national lottery. Only relatively recently did the same Singapore Pools start accepting sports bets. And today, the local sports betting industry has a turnover of millions of dollars a year. And then a new round of gambling development awaited the country – the opening of world famous casinos in Singapore.

The Singaporean authorities have legalized various types of gambling based on tourists, but the local population turned out to be willing to play on their own. Well, given the large number of millionaires or just the rich among Singaporeans, even the high rates for entering the casino stop here very few people.

1st place – Australia

Losers on average: $ 1,288 per year

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Australians are a very gambling nation. Official statistics of the country state that 80% of Australians regularly play certain games for money. Moreover, half of the adult population of Australia plays slots.

Local slot machines, the so-called pokys, can be found not only in casinos, but also in bars, shopping centers and other entertainment public places. In some states, more than 100 thousand such machines are registered.

Australia also loves sports betting. Local favorites are cricket and football. Contribute to the development of betting in Australia and regularly held international competitions in the country, notable for the influx of crowds of sports fans.

The love of gambling in Australia is explained by the financial stability and the general way of life among the locals. There are also groups of activists in the country that raise topics related to gambling, but most of them do not see any danger in gambling.

Other countries

A number of countries have not yet entered this rating, which is slightly inferior to the rating participants in terms of the amount of money lost per capita. From Europe, gambling nations were noted – Spain, Italy, Greece and Norway. Hong Kong is also worth highlighting from Asia.

As for the USA, France and Monaco, the well-known geographic destinations of chance are notable for their stability: the locals lose here only about $ 320-350 per year.

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