The Netherlands wants to tightly control online gambling

The European Gambling and Betting Association (EGBA) has called on Dutch legislators to introduce an online gambling system to help protect consumers and allow the Netherlands to benefit from taxing online gambling.

Debates have already begun in the Dutch Senate on the Remote Gaming Bill, which was passed by the House of Representatives back in 2016 but has not moved forward since.

EGBA Highlights The Netherlands Is One Of Three EU Countries Without A Regulated Online Gambling Market. According to the EGBA, this is the reason consumers gain access to unregulated gaming platforms, which cost the country about 175 million euros in tax revenues annually.

EGBA Secretary General Maarten Hayer said: “The Dutch online gambling system is urgently needed. The Netherlands is currently one of the few EU countries that does not regulate online gambling – and this situation is no longer sustainable. EGBA welcomes Minister Dekker’s continued commitment to modernizing existing legislation and advocates for a well-regulated multi-license model. Dutch people, whether they play poker or bet on sports, should be able to find all the products they are looking for with Dutch regulated companies that pay taxes and apply local consumer guarantees. A licensing model that facilitates these consumer choices will create a better functioning market with properly protected players and valuable tax revenues for the Dutch state. “

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