The next Mega Moolah jackpot is broken – three million dollars

On June 17, a lucky guy in one of the Microgaming casinos turned into a multimillionaire. He hit the Mega Moolah Mega jackpot of $ 3,033,153. It is not yet known in which casino this happened, and the winner may never be known, since they often prefer anonymity. But the fact of winning was recorded, as the amount of savings fell to a million.

Of course, in comparison with the recent records that this jackpot has given out one after another, the amount of 3 million looks insignificant. Almost 19 million euros in September 2018, a little more than 20 million dollars in January 2019. But if we consider the amount without comparing, then this is just a lot of money.

This is the 56th jackpot payout and, accordingly, the 56th millionaire. After all, savings start from a million, and even if having ripped it off a minute after the previous win, you will become a real rich man.

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