The number of legal casinos has increased dramatically in Cambodia

In Cambodia, 52 licenses were granted to operate land-based gambling establishments in 2018, bringing the total number of casinos in the country to 150, thanks in large part to a surge in this business in the Kingdom’s coastal Preah Sihanouk province. Now in this country there are 53% more gambling establishments compared to 2017, when there were 98 casinos. 88 of them are located in the province of Prea Sihanuk. This is stated in the report of the Ministry of Economy and Finance Cambodia.
At the same time, Deputy Director General of the Main Directorate of this Ministry Ros Firun (Ros Phirun) said that the entire casino revenue is not yet calculated.
“We have not yet completed it (report), but aimed at 56 million. Doll. We are actively developing the law to manage gambling business, and when it is completed and ready to activate, we hope that the sector income will be more, “said Ros Phirun.
Now the province of Prea Xianuk is experiencing mass transformation. In recent years, huge flows of tourists and investors from China began to change the landscape, setting everything from gambling establishments to luxury resorts, as well as numerous restaurants, street kiosks and shops.
A spokesman for Preah Sihanuca said Cambodians are legally prohibited from wagering in casinos and, if the law is fully enforced, an increasing number of casinos in the country will only provide a positive impact on the local population.
“Cambodian people are so far only benefiting directly from this business. They can supply a variety of products to the casino: vegetables, meat and fish to meet the growing demand from players and investors. People will also indirectly benefit from the growing gambling business through economic development through increased tax revenues, ”he said.
Among the many criticisms, the main ones are problems related to public order, many foreigners, coming to Cambodia, abuse alcohol, after which they start fights.
Executive Director Social Accountability San Chen said that a large number of casinos in the country should not be good news, since this is an alarming trend with social risk factors.
“If law enforcement agencies are not strong enough, the social consequences of increasing the number of casinos will cause great concern. I am afraid that business casino will serve as a reliable channel for criminals who will wash the money in this way and trade people. Also, this business can be a source of many social platforms, there are many messages that Cambodian loses their money in a casino, although they are forbidden to play. Gambling business is not always good for us. An increasing number of casinos should be an alarming trend for the country. I do not believe that tax revenues from casino contribute to the solution of this problem, “said San Chen.

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