The percentage of return RTP (Return To Player) in online casinos – what is it

For example, slots with a relatively high RTP of 97% are actually not very profitable. After all, if a total of $ 10,000 is invested in such a slot machine, then only $ 9,700 will be returned to the users, and the casino will successfully put $ 300 in the cashier. Having thus obtained the predetermined advantage of 3%.

But there is a small but significant nuance here. The return percentage of a slot can in no way be the main criterion for its profitability! The paradox is that the "generosity" of the slot machine does not depend on RTP. Because the advantage of the casino is calculated from the total turnover of all customers, and the amount that a particular player can win cannot be calculated.

In other words, having invested $ 100 in a slot with an RTP of 93%, you shouldn’t think that at the end of the gaming session, $ 93 will definitely return. Someone will lose the entire deposit, someone will receive a small gain – on average, the payback of the machine will remain at a fixed level. But which of the players will be in the black is impossible to predict.

Does this mean that there is not much difference between RTP 90, 93 and 99? Absurd! The less the house edge in a particular slot, the more profitable this slot is for each player.

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