The player accuses JoyCasino of stealing money 1,000,000 rubles

I will write to the manager Poshfrens, maybe we will hear their comments on this issue. But the story, like the player himself))) is muddy …

Poshfriends’ answer to that very player charge:

Acc was hacked. Mikhail immediately contacted the casino support, but our operator, alas, made a mistake. The money went to the left wallets. The situation is extremely unpleasant for everyone. First of all, we contacted Yandex, but no help from them. Since this is the fault of our operator, we decided to compensate the money. We ourselves are losing 850k rubles on this. This is a good reminder to all of us about internet safety)

Thought the story ended there? No)))

The player to whom Joycasino was withdrawn money (recognizing his own jamb) began asking for "good compensation" for removing the video and threatening to create new videos where "Joy will be fucked up"

In simple words, he began to blackmail – give me money and I will remove the vidos. It was about an amount equal to his losses in the casino. According to Poshfriends, about 10k bucks (I wanted to compensate for my lost funds)

The player accuses JoyCasino of stealing money 1,000,000 rubles

Poshfriends comment:

We were surprised that Butusov himself, instead of clarifying the situation, chose to leave everything as if he was still the victim. From our side, it looks like manipulation of subscribers, misleading the streamer’s own audience, and an attempt at blackmail.

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