The rats “turned off” the lights in the Vegas casinos provoking an evacuation

It was also noted that the generators of the establishment did not work, which would have provided power to the most important equipment. Therefore, everything literally plunged into darkness. There was not even water. One of the guests at the casino hotel said:

About an hour after the lights went out, they tried to use the intercom, but it didn’t work either. We heard some kind of quiet siren that seemed to be talking about a possible fire, and there was also a three or four word announcement that we didn’t hear.

They were stuck in a room on the 22nd floor and, having called the reception, they were advised to go down the stairs in complete darkness and from the 22nd floor.

As it turns out, this is not the first time a casino has gone without electricity. In 2016 there was no light for 20 hours due to the carelessness of the builders.

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