The risks and benefits of creating sequels to popular slots

This, of course, if the mentioned gameplay has not lost its relevance and the players do not want something fresh and new. In this case, the episode can be pushed aside for a while so that other episodes have a better chance of being noticed. This can provide that fresh boost the community needs. You can also update the mechanics of the game to meet the new standards, but this is much more risky, since dedicated players may not like it.

If the sequel fails, it could hurt the brand. Therefore, such slots are given extra attention before they launch, so that they meet and possibly exceed the expectations of the players,

What impact do streaks have on increasing studio brand awareness among players?

Boro Brumen (Greentube) : Slot games are discounted today due to the sheer number of them. Thousands of slots are released every month, if not week, games that stand the test of time and win the hearts of players are incredibly rare. Therefore, if the game is part of a series, players may automatically think that at least one of the slots in this series is worthy of attention, as it must be very popular, otherwise the vendor would not create sequels.

Carl Ejlertsson (Red Tiger) : I think the vendors are focusing more on styling their games to stand out than creating a series of games. The big designers in the industry tend to stick to a distinct style.

They may have a series of games as well, but they are part of a broader image. Push Gaming has 5×5 slots, BTG has Megaways and super high volatility, and Play’n GO has clusters of them. Overall, I would say that I have seen more cases of brand awareness as a result of vendors finding and using their own style than it is through a single series of games.


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