There are no players. Las Vegas casinos and hotels are open on weekends

Vegas casinos opened in early June after a lengthy quarantine. But six months after the opening, the situation has not improved. There are still few players, so many establishments close on weekdays and start work in the second half of the week, since it is not profitable for them to stay open.

Players are returning, but there are still too few of them. The lack of events is believed to have played a large role in the difficulties in filling hotels and casinos. There used to be many people who came on business to conventions and meetings. Now this is no longer practiced and the flow of customers from this source has dried up.

Predictions for when business will bounce back are different. Some are counting on the second half of 2021, others say that it will not be until 2022. But it is obvious that a lot will depend on how safe people will feel when traveling. Vaccines and mass vaccinations will be one possible way to awaken the semi-dormant Vegas.

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