Tom-5 novice tips before playing online casino

You can win the online casino, but newcomers are not always lucky in this business: inexperience issues interfere. But these questions are already so desirable that you can easily meet disappointments on the way to your first koshu. Unless, of course, listen to the councils of Shark Azart.

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  • Step 1. Choose a casino
  • Step 2. Attention on the rules of the game
  • Step 3. Slot selection
  • Step 4. Leaving in time
  • Step 5. Experimental

Step 1. Choose a casino

Throw advertising, high ranking in search results, nice design and fabulously generous bonuses. That’s all the criteria that are usually guided by newcomers when choosing online casino. But none of these factors guarantees the main – honesty establishment. And in this matter it is best to rely on honest ratings drawn up by the players themselves. They can be found on the forums. And you need to critically evaluate the reviews left there, remembering that no one has canceled paid messages. If the text is present a pathetic syllable and too laudatory words, plus there is not enough specifics – such reviews are better not to take into account. On the other hand, it is not necessary to search for an institution with exceptionally good reviews: there is always dissatisfied, and the absence of such FIDBEKS says that they are simply removed.

It will also not prevent the service check of the site, which will issue current data on the age of domain and the number of visitors. High figures for these criteria allow us to talk about resource authority.

Well, the main thing is to shut down the rules. Almost all online casino list of conditions impressive, but it is better to spend time once to figure it out. It is recommended to bypass a side of the institution with a high threshold of a minimum deposit, restrictions on the withdrawal of funds and objectively inflated web.

Next, it remains only to check the licensed and document part. Namely, a license (and not just its actual supposedly, and the exact number and responsible representation) and information about the software provider (with a confirmation certificate). If there is no such data with all references and certificates in the info section – it is better to close this tab immediately. However, it is possible to make an appropriate clarifying request in support, but if the documents do not provide – this is definitely a doubtful option.

Step 2. Attention on the rules of the game

Well, when the choice of the establishment has already been made, you can start playing, but it is also necessary to approach the question. For example, when playing a roulette is more expedient to choose a European, and not an American: in the second case, the percentage of the benefits of the establishment more. And in the French roulette, by the way, even the Zero is not a complete loss: the player is returned to the location of this sector. Similar nuances are in other classic casino games, and in automata, of course.

So, before starting any game, it is necessary to learn the rules. More convenient when they are on the site page, but they can be found in the info tab of the machine.

Many experts are recommended before playing money to fill hand in free slots. They can be found both on the casino sites themselves and in the form of mobile applications, games in social networks and T.D. In parallel, it would be nice to look at Youtube Stream and reviews from the experienced players: they willingly share their experience, in the process of what can be learned all the subtleties of the game.

Step 3. Slot selection

Most games in online casino are slots. There is a great set there, so in such a variety fit and get lost so that this does not happen, you need to look at:

  • Name of the manufacturer. Famous developers in their own name is a value, and therefore will not produce base content.
  • Percentage of return. Choosing between two slots, it is worth a preference to the one in which RTP is above. But blindly rely on this factor is also not worth: it is better to read reviews on slots.
  • Jackpot. He or is, or not, and from this to a certain extent the strategy of rates depends. If the jackpot is provided – it makes sense to play more serious amounts, since in this case the main kush will fall with a greater probability.
  • The popularity of the machine gun. This item concerns exclusively slots with progressive jackpots. Choosing the games of this format, it is reasonable to give preference to the most popular models. After all, the more the bets on the slot in general, the faster he will give a jackpot.
  • Bar size. It is important to correctly combine the moment of pleasure with the moment of benefits. With the same bankroll you can play for a long time and grind or make several rates, but high. The first option is good for games with a small amount of maximum prize, the second – on the contrary.
  • Bonus tours. In the slots with a bonus round, the main thing is to catch the right moment, and you can win the greatest prizes.
  • Reviews. Here, similarly with the choice of casino: the idea to rely on the experience of the masses makes sense.

Someone loves old slots, someone – new. To find the perfect option for yourself, it is better to initially look at different categories.

Step 4. Leaving in time

Gambling often scare as a thing that can cause an unhealthy dependence. But with players who know how to keep the sobriety of thought even in the moments of an emotional burst, no fatal losses occur. Healthy approach to gembling is the perception of the game exclusively as entertainment, and not a way of earning. On the bets should be allocated only free money and playing pleasure, without going beyond the limits of a limit independently defined in the calm state. With a breakdown, a snap is better to postpone the game, no matter how tempting get more: such an euphoria is very risky.

Step 5. Experimental

Gambling are unpredictable, and therefore in this question there is no point in the same template. The more different automata and bet strategies try the newcomer in the game – the faster it is mastered and gets his first victories. Slots with jackpot and without, big bets and small, long game or fast – in each of these couples there are many golden middleware leading to success. And you can only know it in practice.

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