TOP 3 biggest casino wins

Some people have been playing in casinos for many years, spending all their savings, but in the end they are left with nothing. Others enter casinos with $ 5 in their pockets and leave as millionaires. We have compiled the TOP of the three most lucky players who managed to hit the biggest jackpots.

In the spring of 2003, a 25-year-old programmer came from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to watch a basketball game. At Excalibur casino, a man came to pass the time while waiting for a basketball game. And he left this casino with one of the biggest winnings in the history of Las Vegas all the time. The programmer spent about $ 100 during the game on the Megabucks machine, and received $ 39.7 million. The man who wished to remain incognito decided to take his winnings in parts of $ 1.5 million a year for 25 years.

On January 28, 2000, Las Vegas waitress Cynthia J-Brennan won a record $ 34.9 million jackpot at the defunct Desert Inn. At the celebration of her mother’s birthday, she decided to take a spin on the Megabucks slot machine. On the ninth try, she won $ 34,959,458.50 – the largest jackpot in history at the time. Unfortunately, a few weeks later, Cynthia was involved in a terrible accident in which her sister died, and Cynthia was paralyzed from the chest down. A drunk driver crashed into their car at high speed. After the accident, Cynthia was left confined to a wheelchair.

In March 2002, 74-year-old Joanna Hundl from California came to Las Vegas for a weekend. On her way to breakfast at the Ballys complex in Bally, she decided to play some Megabucks slot machine. The woman spent about $ 170 and after one spin of the reels continued on her way to breakfast as a millionaire, winning $ 22,618,156.67. Johanna Hundl’s win is in second place in the list of the biggest victories on the Megabucks machine.

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