TVBET Card Games Equip GLI with Shuffler

TVBET announced that two of their card games are equipped with a GLI-certified card shuffle device, War of Elements and JokerBet. As a result, TVBET now has eight live games approved by UK-based Gaming Laboratories International.

Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) is an ISO / IEC accredited association for technical expertise in the field of gambling. Thanks to the specified equipment, the selected live card games are carried out with 100% transparency of the results.

War of Elements and JokerBet have joined the portfolio of other TVBET certified games, and now the portfolio includes 8 of 12 GLI-branded products:

  1. War of Elements: a live game in which the player must predict which card will be the highest in a duel between the dealer and the player.
  2. JokerBet: a unique game in which players are asked to guess which card will be drawn from the deck. Game grabs attention with 1920s gangster-themed studio set.
  3. 1Bet: a very simple and fast live lottery game that draws 1 out of 37 balls.
  4. 5Bet: Popular and fast-paced live game in which a lottery machine randomly selects 5 out of 36 numbered balls.
  5. 7Bet: A quick game in which a lottery machine randomly selects 7 out of 42 numbered balls.
  6. FruitRace: the latest game from TVBET that is unmatched in the industry. It combines elements of racing and lottery. The player must place a bet and guess the maximum number of matches.
  7. Lucky6: dynamic game in which 35 numbers are drawn randomly from 48 numbered balls in a car. The player must guess 6 balls that will fall out as early as possible during the game.
  8. WheelBet: This fast-paced live game combines the principles of a simple wheel of fortune with the features of American roulette. The player needs to place a bet and wait for the result.

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