Twitch Launches Beta Version Of Own Streaming Software

Twitch is a popular casino platform among streamers. However, until recently, users needed a third-party program through which streams would be created, which would then be broadcast on Twitch. The company is trying to put an end to this, and the first step was the development and launch of the beta version of Twitch Studio.

We have already talked about how to become a casino streamer and that this requires familiarity with the OBS program. So with the release of Twitch Studio, there is no longer the need for OBS or other similar software.

The company said most of this new product will help newbies get up to speed and start streaming more quickly and easily. They have been developing the program for months and many people who have experience as a streamer have taken part in the development. Therefore, we can assume that the professional view from the user’s side was present, and all the nuances should be taken into account.

At the moment, Twitch Studio is only being tested, so it is not available to everyone. The company invites streamers selectively, at its discretion. They will then evaluate the program and recommend how it can be improved.

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