UK Betting and Gambling Council proposes new restrictions due to Covid-19

The UK Betting and Gambling Council said the management of the casinos and bookmakers it represents have volunteered to introduce new measures and restrictions due to Covid-19 so that they will be allowed to reopen their doors to business.

Recall that facilities located in the regions of the English level 3 were forced to close after 22:00 after the tightening of quarantine. After that, the executive director of the Betting and Gambling Council Michael Douger wrote an appeal to the UK authorities. The statement outlines additional new measures and restrictions that bookmakers and casinos may impose to be allowed to reopen and become more immune to Covid-19.

The news comes after six casinos in the country reportedly closed their doors completely this year and their workforce nearly halved as businesses continue to struggle through unprecedented times.
New proposed health and safety measures are of the utmost importance to reduce the likelihood of the spread of the virus, including a complete end to live table games, including poker, blackjack and roulette, and a 75% reduction in floor space.

In addition, if the offers are accepted, casinos will also stop selling alcohol to customers, and bookmakers will limit the time for customers to place bets in the store, as well as simultaneously reduce the number of seats and close outlets and points of sale of drinks.

Michael Duger’s address to UK government ministers states:

“Our Members Fully Support Government Efforts To Combat Covid. This is why bookmakers and casinos have the most stringent measures against Covid. But in order to further convince you and the public that the opening of these enterprises at level 3 is possible, our participants proposed to introduce additional restrictions, for example, on the number of customers, equipment and available products “.

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