UK bookmakers bypass maximum bet law

Technically, this is all legal, as the restriction applies to "terminals." It means that the rates on paper do not apply to them anymore.

On April 1, bookmakers gave their counter-surprise to those who insisted on cutting rates. Shown again how resourceful and adaptable operators can be. And this "decision" of them was mentioned in many news outlets. Of course, the maneuver did not go unnoticed by the regulator either.

Some said that while the decision was technically legal, it was contrary to the "spirit" of the law. However, it is impossible to punish the “spirit” of the law, since this concept has no definition in jurisprudence. Still, inventive bookmakers did not rejoice for long.

The UK regulator announced on the first day that it was investigating a new product case. Then the bookmakers Paddy Power Betfair and Betfred were issued a warning from the regulator. As a result, both bookmakers removed this product. And William Hill didn’t even have time to implement it.

A UKGC spokesman noted that they will investigate the emergence of other products, due to which operators will try to circumvent the law. Probably the operators understand that they should not go into an open war with the regulator. Indeed, for each of their decisions, they will introduce new amendments.

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