UK Gambling Commission CEO Announces Retirement

Neil MacArthur, executive director of the Gambling Commission, announced that he is leaving the organization after almost 15 years with it. He joined the Commission back in 2006 and was General Counsel before moving up to the CEO position in 2018.

During Neil’s tenure as CEO, the Gambling Commission went through a significant period of change as it prepared itself to meet the challenges of regulating a rapidly changing and increasingly digital gaming market. Neil has overseen increased protection against harm caused by gambling through banning credit card gambling, through extended age checks and, more recently, new requirements to protect online product designs.

He has taken steps to ensure that the voices of those affected by gambling are heard in the Commission’s decisions, culminating in the recent creation of the Live Experience Advisory Group. Over the past 12 months, Neil has also successfully helped the organization cope with the challenges posed by the global pandemic.

Commenting on his departure, Neil MacArthur stated:

“I am proud of everything that the Gambling Commission has achieved in 15 years of my work in this organization. We have taken significant steps to make gambling fairer and safer, and I know that I leave the organization when it is in a strong position to meet future challenges. Now that the Gambling Law is being revised, I feel like the time is right to leave and allow the new CEO to lead the Commission on the next stage of its journey. “

The UK Gambling Commission will soon begin recruiting a temporary CEO. This will allow the successor to current chairman Bill Moyes, whose term expires this year, to appoint a permanent CEO. While this recruitment process continues, Deputy CEO Sarah Gardner and COO Sally Jones will jointly become Acting CEO.

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