UK Gambling Commission Introduces New Dispute Resolution Rules

The regulator even explained that two identical cases can be offset by different amounts just because people perceived the situation differently.

Perhaps this is correct. After all, someone, for example, may become physically ill if he is denied payment or in some other way infringed upon his rights. And a player who is accustomed to such cases will simply declare to all the necessary authorities and will wait for the result.

Player reputation

When it comes to big money, it is possible that some operators fall low in order to extinguish the player’s desire to fight for their winnings. I recall the case with the player Pirateofc21, when the operator called him a fraud, said that the player was lying and denigrated his reputation. This is due to the fact that the $ 1,000 deposit brought the player $ 1.3 million in the Caribbean 21 game . Details in this article, in the section Is it possible to cheat online casinos?

This shouldn’t have gone that far, and operators should be more careful with their customers. Therefore, the Gambling Commission must be given its due. They are really trying to change something and make the industry fairer. The more the Gambling Commission introduces rules that protect the interests of players, the safer it becomes to play at UKGC-licensed casinos.

ADR Guide

In addition to the rules on compensation for moral and practical damage, the regulator has defined many different aspects of ADR’s activities, including public reports on where they get their money and how they maintain independence from online casinos. The methods they use to resolve disputes.

The document also states that dispute resolution services are required to provide:

  • reports on the number of applications received,
  • average time to resolve a dispute,
  • the number of cases that took more than 90 days to resolve,
  • the percentage of disputes resolved in favor of the player and in favor of the casino,
  • cases in which an agreement has been reached between the player and the casino, etc.

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