Ultra hot slot: a fruity modern gambling slot

Everybody loves the classics. If we talk about slot machines – that’s right. Really, you can not love classical symphonic music or Tolstoy’s novels, but fruit slots cannot be disliked. It all started with them: the Ultra Hot slot and others like it have deservedly become not only the prototypes of modern slot machines, but also the eternal symbols of excitement.

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  • Ultra hot slot – a bit of history
  • Authentic game
  • Rules and features
  • The nature of the winnings
  • Risk round

Ultra hot slot – a bit of history

The first fruit slot (and a slot in principle) was the Liberty Bell – the creation of the Austrian inventor Charles Fey, who emigrated to the United States. It is with the filing of this personality that the world capital of gambling flourishes in America today.

The world’s first slot offered nothing more than fruit as symbols. Simple configuration, clear rules and general fun and provided this slot machine with well-deserved fame. As time passed, slots completely pushed other gambling games into the background. Many users deservedly considered that the symbiosis of pictures and spinning reels is more fun than cards and roulette.

Authentic game

Ultra hot slot: a fruity modern gambling slot
All fans of gambling will like playing Ultra Hot slot. This machine is as close as possible in appearance and gameplay to the old fruit machines. You can even say that this is an exemplary fruit slot of modern gambling.

So, the gaming machine ultra hot contains 3 drums and 5 lines. Payout table is placed directly to the main screen: a very interesting solution that simplifies the game to users. So, in Ultra Hot to play more voluntarily, without the need to open a separate tab with payments every time. This species had the first fruit slots. I am glad that the manufacturer of the newcomer managed to save this authentic nuance.

Rules and features

Ultra Hot Play is offered only according to the standard lines settings: all 5 will be active by default. On the spin can be delivered from 5 to 500 credits. The rotation of the drums is started by pressing the start.

The winning combinations of the Ultra Hot Machine defines very simply: since the drums are only 3, then there should be 3 characters in combination. Total in ultra hot play 8 characters.

Winning character

Ultra hot slot: a fruity modern gambling slotThe minimum winning on the machine is 5 credits (issued for the youngest combination – Xs). The bulk of the slot symbols give winnings of x40, these are:

  • Cherry,
  • Orange,
  • plum,
  • lemon.

Bars pay x60 and stars pay x200. Seven in Ultra Hot will play as the most valuable symbol: 750 credits are given for it.

It is noteworthy that Ultra Hot are slots that at first glance are not very impressive with the amount of winnings in the table. But as soon as you start playing, everything immediately falls into place.

Despite the modest odds, the game has quite high volatility. The whole reason is pure gameplay. Due to the lack of bonuses, the game process is accompanied by an increased formation of combinations. Moreover, for one winning spin, several wins are often given at once. This is due to the fact that on all sections of a particular reel, 2-3 identical symbols can fall out at once. Moreover, here often all cells on the screen can be occupied by the same characters. As a result, we have quite decent winnings.

Risk round

However, Ultra Hot is not a slot without surprises. Risk drawing is a modern addition from the developer Novomatic, which successfully fits into the classic gameplay. If you guess the color of the suit of a playing card, you can get a doubling to any of your winnings. Moreover, you can take risks in this round up to 5 times in a row. In this case, the winnings are accepted as a bet per round.

Note that the Ultra Hot slot has become an eternal symbol of excitement.

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