Unique slot with built-in jackpot tournaments and store

For every € 25 wagered, the player receives 1 tournament ticket, and for every € 0.20, 1 gear. A small percentage is added to the prize pool of each jackpot from each bet. When the required jackpot amount is collected, the countdown starts at 30 minutes, and at this time registration for the tournament is available. The tournament starts when there are 16 participants and the allotted 30 minutes are over.

During the tournament, 16 rounds are held in which two robots from different players meet. Everyone has equal chances of winning, 50%. And the jackpot amount is divided among the four winners in the following percentage of the total amount: 1st place 85%; 2nd place 10%; 3rd and 4th places 2.5% each.

Accumulating jackpot

3% of each bet is split between four cumulative jackpots. Each of the four jackpots with a different prize pool. One tournament is one drawing of one jackpot. Depending on the amount you are aiming for, you will have to pay a different price for participation:

  • Mini – € 300, cost of 1 ticket
  • Minor – € 3,000, 8 tickets
  • Major – € 30,000, 70 tickets
  • Epic – € 300,000, 500 tickets

Personalization of robots

The game has a built-in store where you can purchase items to personalize robots. This is the purchase of weapons and ammunition, the change of various physical characteristics.

Unique slot with built-in jackpot tournaments and store

Jackpot Wars Second Slot

Robot Wars is not a one-off launch. The developer plans to expand this Jackpot Wars series. The second slot, Jinse Dao, is due to hit Scientific Games Casino on November 17 this year.

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