Unknown online casino hacked through a smart thermometer in the aquarium

Serious danger

Theft of data and money is only part of the problem. There are far more serious consequences. Research shows that some devices used in medicine will not be able to resist hacker attacks . In particular, last year it was found that the devices manufactured by St. Jude Medical, which are implanted in people to control the work of the heart, are susceptible to hacker attacks. Attackers could change the rhythm of a person’s heartbeat and drain the battery of his pacemaker.

And in 2015, Chris Roberts said that he got access to control the plane through a system that shows passengers a movie and allows them to listen to music. He did this about 20 times over the course of 5 years. Fortunately, his goal was research to improve the protection of aircraft. However, the FBI did interview him. He said that during flights he added revs to one of the engines, to which the plane reacted by falling a little on its side. The FBI said they believed Chris’s statements about possible break-ins.


Make the right conclusions. Hackers are now creeping in from all sides. Skillful hackers target large prey, and all sorts of stupid ones poke around wherever there is even the slightest chance of hacking something. I think that even an ordinary person, who seems to have nothing to steal from the Internet, is good to be careful. Today they do not know what to steal from you, and tomorrow you are already a victim.

Hacking an online casino is very difficult, and if it is one of the best online casinos in the world, the chances are close to zero. However, sometimes casinos can please hackers by making funny missteps. As in this case, or in the case when the online casino accidentally published the passwords to the system.

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