Vegas casino security kills security man

Recently, the crime rate has increased in Las Vegas. The latest serious incident was the murder of an armed man who threatened the security of the South Point casino. At the moment, the police are conducting an investigation, but according to preliminary data, the security of the gambling establishment acted justifiably.

On Sunday at 4:30 pm, two South Point security guards received reports that an armed man had walked out of the casino and fired into the air. They intercepted him as he headed back into the building. After he ignored their orders and continued aiming at them, the guards opened fire and killed him.

After watching a video of the incident, a police spokesman said that the guards showed incredible restraint and did a phenomenal job. According to preliminary data, the victim was not a hotel customer.

Based on his clothing and physical condition, it is assumed that he was homeless. While the investigation is underway, it is not clear what caused the man’s aggressive behavior.

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