Videoslots Casino Introduces Mandatory Loss Limit

Every Videoslots UK player will now have to set a monthly loss limit before being able to place bets. Previously, this function was available, but the limit was set at will. The operator calls this a way to protect players, especially during self-isolation.

Changing the set limit will require a seven-day wait. And at this time, the responsible gaming department should contact the players. Apparently, to check if there are any signs of gambling addiction, if an increase in the limit is requested.

Videoslots CEO noted that playing at their casino must be safe and enjoyable, which is why they are introducing mandatory loss limits. The pandemic pushed them to this decision, and they believe that they are doing the right thing to protect players during these difficult times. The CEO also called on other operators to support the initiative.

Such a solution is better than the general limit of £ 50 per day offered in the UK or € 500 per week in Belgium. And in Latvia, online gambling was temporarily banned altogether. However, the rule only applies to UK players, which is rather strange. Especially when you consider that many countries have introduced quarantines and the risk of excessive spending is not only among British players.

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