Videoslots will monitor the activities of partners using

Recently, casinos licensed in the UK have been punished not only for their own actions, but also for those of their partners. The UK Gambling Commission places responsibility for the behavior of casino partners on the operators themselves. Therefore, Videoslots casino decided to use the services of promises that casinos will be able to track the actions of partners, they will know where and what affiliate links and banners are published. It will be possible to identify partners with suspicious activity and violating the rules.

Thanks to the proposed system, casinos will be able to control whether affiliates provide correct information and whether they have outdated banners.

For players, this means that there will be more accurate information about Videoslots casino. This happens quite often when a partner advertises bonuses that have not been available in the casino for a long time. Therefore, the benefits of such measures are directly to the players.

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