Violation of the maximum bonus rate is one of the main causes of disputes

Plus, you need to develop a backend platform that would provide integration with each software provider and would work without problems. Therefore, all these undertakings are very laborious and unprofitable. And since no one forces operators and developers to do this, the situation does not change.

How big is the problem?

ThePOGG provides its own statistics on player complaints. In the year from October 2019 to September 2020, they processed 1,420 complaints. 76 of them (5.4%) were related to violations of the maximum bet rule for a bonus. And most of the complaints were resolved in favor of the casino.

They accepted 496 complaints as an official dispute resolution service under the Malta rules. Of these, 49 complaints (9.9%) were about violation of the maximum bonus rate. This is the most common reason why the situation was decided in favor of the casino. Almost every fifth complaint resolved in favor of the casino was about the max bet.

In total, due to a problem with violation of the maximum bet with an active bonus, the amount of € 365,840 for 12 months was contested. That is € 4,813 in void winnings for each player breaking this rule.

How to solve the problem?

The author suggests that regulators get involved. They must establish requirements for all providers so that they provide for operators with the function of setting rate limits when the bonus is active. Plus, set one standard for everyone to develop this capability so that operators don’t have to integrate many different solutions.

Another option is to create two versions of the games. One for the standard game, the other for the game with active bonuses.

According to ThePOGG, in 2016 they pointed out this problem to the UK regulator. However, after a few years, nothing has changed.


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