Wager what is it? How to play a wager in a casino

Many casino users are ambivalent about bonus offers. Say, if bonus funds need to be wagered, and even to comply with a number of other conditions, isn’t it easier to play only on your own? This idea makes sense, but the refusal of casino bonuses is a deliberate deprivation of a number of gaming opportunities.

With the correct understanding of all the nuances of the terms of such offers, you can not only not be left with disappointed expectations, but also get significant benefits. First of all, you need to understand what the wager is in the rules.

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  • What you need to know about bonus conditions
  • Wager what is this by example
  • Concept details

What you should know about bonus conditions

The main rule that any player should understand is this: a bonus is not really a gift. This is an offer that is put forward to the player on mutually beneficial terms.

Expert opinionAlexander TkachenkoHe has been working as a casino manager for the last 5 years.Ask a QuestionI would like, of course, to get free spins and money just like that, but such a prospect is so absurd that there is no point in explaining its reasons ..

Nevertheless, it is quite possible to raise money on bonuses. But everything depends on luck, as elsewhere in gambling, in principle. So, the player receives extra money or already immediately free spins, makes bets not on his own funds. You can win something on them, but you can not win. If you win, you can’t just pick it up right away. Wagering rules must be followed. In an online casino, a bonus wager is a multiplier that determines how much money needs to be invested in counter bets in order to collect a prize.

Wager what is this by example

Let’s say a user won $ 100 with bonus funds. The receiving party does not interfere with this prospect, but in the interests of their own benefit, they ask the player to make more bets. How much – the wager decides. Usually it is equal to x40. That is, if you win $ 100, you need to place bets on 4000. Naturally, you can also win something for new bets, and the more profitable.

Concept details

So, speaking about what a wager is in a casino, we can unambiguously summarize: this is a condition that determines the amount of wagering.

But wagers are different: in some establishments it may be too high. Summarizing, we can say that it is better to bypass any offer with a coefficient above 40. The same applies to cases where the wager is imposed on the amount of the deposit plus the bonus – this is an unprofitable pitfall, even if the wagering factor is called x20.

The best option for a casino offer is without wagering. These are also found, but less often, and the amount of the offer will be an order of magnitude more modest.

We reviewed several sites that have no wagering:
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