What do game developers think of casino streamers?

Tamas Kusztos , Head of Sales & Account Management at Kalamba Games: By the way, we recently held the industry’s first promo in which we invited streamers to a two-week tournament. The winner of the tournament, CasinoTest24, is developing a game with us right now while we are talking.

Generally speaking, streamers create communities that help us understand what players really like or what is important to them in specific games and in the industry in general, which means that we can improve our offerings.

Peter Causley , CEO and Co-Founder of Lightning Box: We’re always looking for ways to connect with the right streamers to play our games. They have a big impact on player preferences, especially on the Twitch platform, and can be valuable allies.

They provide interesting and engaging slots reviews that can dramatically increase your game’s visibility. The impartiality they bring benefits providers and operators, and is beneficial for players looking to find good games.

Players feel like they are part of the streamer’s journey when they watch him play, especially when he is about to win or activates a bonus feature or wins jackpots. I think this is a favorable development of events.

Source: https://casinobeats.com/2020/08/11/the-rise-of-streaming-suppliers-have-their-say/

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