What is zero zero roulette and how profitable is it?

What is zero in roulette?

Zero is the same number as all the others, which are marked on the roulette wheel and marked in the betting table. However, this number has one small but important feature. A zero on a green background does not participate in many standard bets. If we take equal chances, dozens, columns, 6 numbers, etc., then zero is always the sector that gives a loss.

Roulette zero has separate bets. Firstly, this is the usual rate for a clean room. Secondly, this is a trio (zero plus two numbers in the table below it, 1 and 2, or 2 and 3) and a basket (0, 1, 2, 3).

Where can you find zero zero roulette?

With this, every player will have problems. This non-standard variety is available on very rare occasions. Moreover, no zero roulette is available only online. It is believed that it does not exist in land-based establishments. More than a decade ago, BetFair casinos offered Zero Roulette, but after a while it was removed. At the same time, it is not known who the developer was, and for what reasons the casino stopped offering the game.

BetVoyager has No Zero Roulette and appears to be their own production. This means an increased risk that the operator can manipulate the results. If there are similar games on other sites, then their origin will also be in doubt. After all, large, well-known developers do not offer roulette without zero. So, playing them is taking an extra risk.

Why do some casinos offer no zero roulette?

Due to additional rules, even such a game with a theoretical return of 100% can be profitable for the casino. For example, a kind of tax on winnings is established. There were cases when 10% of the winnings were taken from the players. It turns out that you are given to win more often, but they pay less than usual.

This would be tantamount to lowering the odds. For example, not 1 to 1 for equal odds, but 0.9 to 1. It turns out that if you win $ 1 for playing a bet of $ 1 in regular roulette with one zero, then a game without zero will pay out $ 0.9 under the same circumstances.

Operators can come up with many different options in order to make money even on a game that is not profitable for themselves.


Despite the fact that the absence of zero in roulette looks tempting, in reality everything may not be so profitable. Moreover, this green sector seems to be an integral part and without it the game loses its individuality. Considering the difficulties in finding a site where this game is located, the presence of unwanted rules and the lack of information about the developer, it is better to prefer regular European roulette. Moreover, there are rules such as En Prison and La Partage, which reduce the house edge to 1.35%.

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