Which casinos are suitable for VIP players and what do they offer?

As a rule, the status is achieved by accumulating a certain number of loyalty points. Spend money, for a certain number of bets you are awarded 1 point. For example, 1 point for every 10 dollars spent. Collect 20,000 of these points and become a VIP client. In this case, that would mean $ 200,000 worth of bets.

Privileges for VIP players in online casinos

The standard is an individual account manager who must promptly answer all any requests and make sure that the player is as comfortable as possible. Cashback is also a common practice. If refunds are offered even to non-elite statuses, then VIP clients will receive it on the most favorable terms.

Faster payouts are also typical for high rollers. Some casinos even indicate this in the description of the loyalty program. They can withdraw money to large players much faster.

Separate VIP casino bonuses, lucrative offers, these are also included in the usual package of privileges of large customers. Some establishments even host special tournaments or raffles that are only available to this group. Accordingly, the prize amounts there are significantly higher than usual.

The more you spend, the more attentive the casino representatives will be to you. And the more they will tend to go beyond the standard framework. Exclusive gifts, trips abroad, tickets to concerts, sporting events and all this is also in VIP status, and not somewhere in the back rows.


VIP players are the same people, like any other lovers of excitement and immunity from gambling addiction they do not have. And sometimes they turn out to be so addicted that they go to prison for theft. Someone cheats business partners for millions, someone steals from their company.

All these privileges by which establishments retain customers play an important role in the development of addiction. Therefore, before registering, check if the casino has enough responsible gaming tools. Ideally, these should be restrictions on the amount of deposits, losses, rates, playing time. Plus the standard exception itself.

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