Who is the casino dealer and what is his job?

At least in the United States, the standard work schedule is to work 8 hours per shift. Paid 20 minute break after every hour. The breaks give dealers an opportunity to take a break from the constant calculations that they have to do very quickly and endlessly.

Live casino dealers

Working as a dealer in a live casino should be less stressful. There may be someone who will spit in your direction, but you will not feel it. And the swearing read from the screen will not disturb as much as the words of an enraged person sitting in front of you. So, for the more emotional, but still eager to know what it is like to be a casino dealer, you can try yourself in this industry.

How to become a casino dealer?

Those who have no experience of working as a croupier in a casino will need to take courses lasting several weeks. After the courses, an exam is passed and only then a person is allowed to work. The training includes familiarity with the rules of gambling, how to play them and what the dealer should do.

Candidates are also screened so that the casino can make sure they are hiring reliable people and there is no need to be afraid that they might do something wrong, such as stealing money. Therefore, candidates must have a clean past.

There is a movie called Stickman (1998). You can watch it to get an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis work. We mentioned it in the article The best casino movies.

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