Why Twitch (Twitch.tv) blocks online casino streamers


– CasinoDaddy (@casino_daddy) January 10, 2019

Translation: Sorry, our Twitch has been blocked and we are working to fix it as soon as possible! Tomorrow we will be streaming on YouTube

How not to get banned for streaming a casino on Twitch?

Advice from the telegram of the PoshFriends affiliate program: Comrades streamers, in connection with the next wave of bans, please add an 18+ die to your profile and a link to https://www.begambleaware.org/ or a similar site. We do not guarantee that it will help, but we really hope. We keep you informed! Write if you have information or advice

Updated 01.11.2019 . The channel of the Casinodaddy foreign stimer is unblocked.

We Are Back Fam ?? # Twitch #Casino #Slots #Stream #CasinoDaddy pic.twitter.com/l8S75AY14M

– CasinoDaddy (@casino_daddy) January 11, 2019

Translation: We’re back on Twitch. Ban was a mistake and luckily they were able to fix it very quickly.

We will keep you informed while it is not clear what exactly cannot be done in order not to get banned, because some of the streamers continue to stream on Twitch until now.

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