Why was the Slotum casino affiliate program blocked for streamer Yure Voison?

There is one moment in the history of the conflict between Yura Voison and TTR, from which, to put it mildly, he was podofigel – this is that (according to Yura), at the request of TTR, Yura’s affiliate program was blocked in a completely different casino Slotum, the rules of which he did not violate. It’s just pPC

I still continue to search (for myself) casinos and affiliate programs that work not by concept, but by the rules. (for information, I have been working with the Slotum affiliate program for about a year, there are several payments)

For myself personally, I got all the answers: Yura doesn’t care about all these affiliate programs, he is busy with other things, and Slotum doesn’t want to raise the seething shit … about this (of course)

But even without their official answers, there are 2 conclusions that can be drawn:

  1. Yura’s affiliate program at Slotum Casino was blocked at the request (or demand) of TTR.
  2. Slotum casino affiliate program can be blocked even if you have not violated any of its rules.

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