Will Queenslen be the hub of Australia’s gambling industry?

In the Gold Coast, one of the regions of Australia, more and more gambling establishments appear, which does not go unnoticed by the public. In this regard, the Queensland State Board invited casino operators to comment on the advisability of starting the construction of a second casino resort in April this year.

Operators will be able to express their interest and intentions to cooperate in the framework of the new resort in the Gold Coast at a thematic conference. The decision to start construction and preparation for implementation will be made before April.

Keith Jones, Australia’s Minister for Tourism Innovation and Development, says the government sees support for casino operators as a powerful tool for the tourism industry.

The construction of the new complex will be a big step in achieving the goals of Prime Minister Anastasia Palashchuk to create a Global Tourism Hub, which is not inferior to the world’s integrated casino resorts. Of course, in addition to casinos, shopping and entertainment centers, hotels, conference halls, restaurants will operate at the centers.

The play area itself will occupy 5% of the total area of ​​the complex. The resort of Brisbane, which is already operating at the Royal Wharf, is similarly designed.

It is predicted that the influx of tourists after the opening of the complex will be increased by 1 million per year, and the number of new jobs will be equated to 6 thousand.

But the public’s attitude to the project is ambiguous: some experts fear that the opening of such a resort will harm the region.

The local Alliance for Gambling Reform, through its spokesman Stephen Maine, stated that the gambling costs of residents of the state are approximately A $ 1 million per each. So, the issue of gambling addiction can cause damage that will not even cover the emergence of new jobs.

Star Entertainment Group, which operates Australia’s first casino in Broadbeach, is also opposed, but their arguments are more of a fear of competition than concern for the welfare of the region.

At the moment, it is already known about the intentions to build casino resorts in the Gold Coast from a number of gambling operators. so plans are expected to be submitted to the government from Hard Rock International and Caesars Entertainment.

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