Work on the legs: harm outside office table

About the dangers of sedentary work already said so much that the usual office regime really makes thinking. From all the cracks – from medical publications, presses, television and internet – from everywhere heard about negative consequences from work in seating conditions. But minimize harm from sedentary work relatively simple – physical education to help. But about the fact that standing work harm brings a much larger – this is somehow even often speech and does not go. On the one hand, everything is logical: most people work in offices. But those who have a job standing, you need to be especially close to questions of their physical health.

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  • Fatigue in the legs
  • Pain of other muscles
  • External defects
  • Danger of permanent standing
  • What science says
  • Is it worth changing work
  • Prevention: Short Sitting Breaks
  • Lunch time
  • During standing
  • Standing shoes

Fatigue in the legs

People who have work on the legs often complain about various pain. Muscles and bones of legs, tendons, ligaments and joints in such workers are in constant voltage. The situation is aggravated by the fact that representatives of professions with standing work sometimes are forced to expose long shifts: if the office employee lasts 9 hours, then the same waiter can be all 12 hours. And all working time they are mainly on the legs ..

Pain in the legs from working on constant standing or walking can be caused by poor blood supply to the legs, as well as stagnation of blood in the feet or in the ankle region.

Pain of other muscles

No less suffering from work in standing position and back. Sometimes even a couple of hours of continuous standing is poured into the making pain of the lumbar sector. What to say about people who are in such a position?

External defects

People who have work on the legs can often be distinguished by external manifestations of such a nature of labor. Corn, Fa├žit, Edems, Venous Insufficiency and Varicose Venus – Liquid Satellites of many who work in a standing position.

The plantar chapter, natoptyshi and corn, although not fraught with serious threats to health – also deliver a lot of hassle. Such defects can enhance pain and discomfort from constant standing.

When external signs of varicose veins are found, you should not forget about a possible complication – thrombophlebitis. This is when the veins are inflamed, after which the formation of blood clots begins. And the appearance of blood clots, as you know, can harm the work of the brain. That’s how simple, and it would seem, a purely aesthetic defects may develop a serious risk to health or even life.

Danger of permanent standing

Traditionally, the office work, a sedentary. But if you get in the nuances of standing work – it becomes clear that most of them are also sedentible. That is, the loss of muscle tone is also superimposed on the voltage in the legs, the blood circulation disorder, the formation of venous nodes and swelling.

Special risk that works on legs is harm to the joints. From constant standing cartilage tissue joints deform and deplete. Such working conditions can cause degenerative dystrophy of joints – osteoarthritis. The damage to pathology in this case may be subject to not only cartilage, but in principle the entire joint – with periarticular muscles, capsule, ligaments, subchondral bone and synovial sheath.

Work on the legs: harm outside office table

The increased probability of the development of osteoarthrosis has people with flat-grade. In such cases, the work on the work should be assessed as carefully.

What is especially anxious – harm from standing work for the cardiovascular system also. Pressure fluctuations – not a rare side effect of constant long standing.

What science says

Studies of scientists from Switzerland make the emphasis on the fact that the fatigue, which is fraught with work on the legs, has the property to accumulate. So, the muscular fatigue of the legs does not pass over time, but only aggravated.

Collaboration University of Michigan research workers and the Zurich Higher Technical University conducted demonstration experiment theme. 12 women and 14 men – 26 volunteers were selected for it. They were divided into 2 age groups – 18-30 and 50+ years. During the experiment, all participants worked on the legs of 5 hours. In the seated position, they may be only during short breaks (a few minutes) and dinner time (half an hour).

At the end of such a working day, all the subjects complained about severe muscle fatigue. After the end of the 5-hour work and relaxation, the unpleasant feelings in the legs were still preserved approximately half an hour, and then slowly went to no. Nevertheless, fatigue in the muscles themselves continued to accumulate further. And this effect was observed from participants from both age and gender groups.

According to scientists who conducted this study, standing in the work of the dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system and painful sensations in the back. A lot of attention was paid to the issue of blood cloves, the presence of which harms the work of the brain.

Is it worth changing work

The issue of changing work in the context of constant standing on duty – if not rhetorical, then certainly philosophical. Arguments for and against can bring a lot. But standing, and sitting work is fraught with health risks. And occupational diseases are everywhere! Therefore, it costs to start with prevention, and only in case of insufficient effectiveness, it is reasonably resorted to more radical measures.

Scientists who conducted the above study, in the conclusion of their work they agreed that standing and sitting work is equally harmful. Although the specificity of occupational diseases in this case and the different – the result does not cancel. The right solution lies in alternating the sedentary and the factory provisions of the body, as well as the presence of physical activity.

So, the harm from work standing on the legs can be minimized by their efforts, if you approach the question of responsibility. Buying a suitable shoe and the acquisition of habits to do physical exercises are not worth postponing in a distant box. If you take care of the body – it will thank good well-being.

Prevention: Short Sitting Breaks

And the first, the most basic point in the matter of reduction of harm from standing work is breaks. The possibility of seating interruptions is provided by any working conditions, and they simply do not need to hide. Break for 10 minutes every hour will not have any negative consequences for labor efficiency. On the contrary, the recharging of energy will allow maintaining constant productivity. With an increased sense of fatigue, it will not be further used to take care of unscheduled seating breaks: you can always establish a similar practice, asking for assistance in the team.

You can also sit once again and while working with papers, telephone conversation and some other formal working moments. Here it will be enough just to lay out similar practices in the habit.

Particular attention should be paid to the issues of sedentary interruptions to age workers. It must be remembered that with age all the fabrics – and cartilage, ligaments, and tendons, and muscle shells – become less elastic and shock absorbing. It is necessary to take it as proper and this should not be shy. And employers who know the specifics of labor will meet.

Work on the legs: harm outside office table

If there is an opportunity during a sedent break to place legs higher – it is in no case to neglect. This practice will help to establish blood circulation. We will not know and remove the shoes – it will give your legs to breathe and relax.

Orthopedic ball will help to relax legs during the break. Racing such a fitting of the feet – it is pleasant, and useful for legs subject to long standing. This practice even prevents the plantar chapels when the connecting fabrics of the feet feet are hurting and inflamed.

Lunch time

Perhaps people working on legs as no one important lunch breaks. Break for lunch at any work lasts at least half an hour, and at this time the body should relax. Work without lunch breaks to employees with standing working conditions is contraindicated: they need to feed the body, and give your feet.

Follow food, naturally, necessarily. Balanced diet with sufficient content of proteins, fats and complex carbohydrates will help keep the body in tone. Special attention to carbohydrates: the right, complex carbohydrates contained in porridge and grain crops will provide a long energy supply. And this is no harm to the figure! Also, it is not necessary to neglect the use of fruits and vegetables: the fiber contained in them is strategically important for saturation of the body with energy and benefit.

By the way, people with overweight on the legs are much more complicated (this applies to the destructive effect on the joints). Therefore, in such working conditions, monitor the figure.

For the time of the lunch break, people with standing work are recommended to take a sedentary position in any way. Even if in the zone of food intake is not enough space for seating – you can always solve this question by the presence of a spare folding chair. In the warm season, a good option will be lunch in the fresh air: find the square or elementary most ordinary shop near the place of work. To venture and fill the reserves of vitamin E is no longer, and there is nothing to be shy.

During standing

And the harm of constant work on the legs can be minimized directly during standing. You need to pay attention to the surface of the standing area. It will be optimally standing on a wooden coating, because the tree provides the effect of mitigation. Stand on the tile, marble or concrete is much harmful. However, if the wooden sections of the floor in the working area are not provided – you need to periodically change the place of standing. This action has a warm-up effect and maintains due circulation of blood, reduces the stress in the muscles.

Also it will be useful will take care and that the standing zone is as warm as possible. Cold tile or concrete may not affect blood circulation. If work goes outside – it’s best to stand on the grass.

Also to help people with standing work will come anti-stomach rugs. Special coatings made of rubber, leather, vinyl, foam or wood reduce diseases of the legs, and also do not require any mint. If you convey this idea to the employer – most likely, he willingly respond to the request. It is only important to get used to the presence of such rugs at the first stage so that it is not stumble upon. Alternative to such lines can be just carpeted.

Standing shoes

Well, about shoes do not forget. Proper shoes for those who work on the legs should be perfectly approached by size, do not push and not rub. The best options for standing work – sneakers with lifting or shoes on a low heel in a couple of centimeters, then it is better to refuse from absolutely flat soles and high heels. Orthopedic insoles and supinators are extremely welcome.

Note that if the heels hurt – pay attention to the dense soft socks. Proper support for legs with problem veins will provide compression stockings. Well, after work – do not forget to pay attention to the baths with salts and foot massage with aromaasals. These relaxing techniques are simple and accessible, and benefits bring a lot.

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