Wunderino: register directly on affiliate sites

Usually, when a player visits a gambling site by clicking on a casino link, he is redirected to the official website of the operator. Regily, who developed the innovative Remote solution, said this is where a lot of players are eliminated. Therefore, they came up with a way when registration at the casino is possible directly on the partner’s website.

The affiliate does not need to do or download anything. The casino installs the Remote program for itself and gives the partner a link for instant registration. The user clicks on this link directly from the partner’s website and registers with the casino.

Neither the affiliate nor the Regily receive the data entered by the player, they are only available to the casino. So far it has become known that this solution has begun to use the Wunderino casino. But it is available for any other operators who wish.

According to the developer’s official data, Remotely can increase conversions by over 500%. In total, they have reported 29 million registrations since the launch of the program. This is with 63 connected casinos.

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