Wynn bosses get less to pay employees

The board of directors and top executives at Wynn Resorts agreed to a pay cut from 33% to 100% by the end of 2020 in exchange for shares.

It was also recently revealed that the CEO of William Hill has set up a fund to support employees, and will send all of his salaries there until the sporting events return. He also called on all colleagues who remained to work to help those who were sent on vacation.

However, the situation here is different, since the management of Wynn Resort does not give their salaries just like that, but against the company’s shares. Simply by exchanging cash for stocks, that is, investments. But this is also good, since non-working people will receive money, and the company will retain employees. Matt Maddox, CEO of the company noted:

I can’t imagine recruiting and coaching 13,000 people. I would rather keep the knowledge and experience we have today

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