Yggdrasil and Bang Bang Games Launch Ancient Eclipse

Online gambling content publisher Yggdrasil has launched the first Bang Bang Games project from YG Masters – Ancient Eclipse video slot.

Since time immemorial, the Eclipse has been considered a time of power and mystery, and in this new slot, players use this mystical time to win huge victories against an ancient civilization.

In a 5×4 game, players aim to use both elements of Eclipse to trigger huge wins. Moon symbols that fall on the reels turn into special frames with a golden sun, which remain sticky on the reels until the eclipse is triggered.

If then the Moon symbol falls within the Sun’s frame, an eclipse is triggered, as a result of which all the Sun’s frames become jokers. Eclipse can be restarted, with every additional Eclipse having an increasing multiplier of 1x, for huge wins.

Sticky Suns Free Spins Mode is triggered when three Warriors land on the reels. In this mode, all Sun frames remain sticky even after an eclipse. Each landing moon adds not only a new solar frame, but also additional free spins, which gives huge potential for winning.

Ancient Eclipse is Bang Bang Games’ debut YG Masters game after the studio joined the program in July 2020. The game was deployed using Yggdrasil’s innovative GATI technology. Used by all YG Masters partners, this technology allows developers to use a pre-configured, regulatory-ready, standardized development toolkit to create modern content.

Stuart McCarthy, Yggdrasil Affiliate Program Manager, said:

“Our YG Masters program continues to bring innovative content to the marketplace, as seen in Bang Bang Games’ iconic inaugural title, Ancient Eclipse. GATI has proven to be an indispensable tool for our partner studios and we can’t wait to see what else they can do. “

Frank McPaolin, Managing Director of Bang Bang Games, said:

“We are delighted to launch our first game as a YG Masters partner, Ancient Eclipse. With an exciting theme, lucrative free spins mode and cleverly crafted environment, we are very excited and looking forward to rolling it out on Yggdrasil’s partner network and reaching players around the world. “

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