Yggdrasil launched Lucky Blackjack and updated Sonya

  • 21 + 3 is a bet offering a mixture of three card poker and blackjack. The player makes an additional bet on the poker combination, which is formed by one open card of the dealer and two of his own cards.
  • Perfect Pairs – this kind of blackjack already exists. Players are invited to bet that their first two cards will be of the same denomination.

Both games will offer additional features such as pre-decision . Apparently, this option is the same when playing poker. The player will not have to wait for the dealer to contact him, but immediately choose his option – take a card, stop, maybe split or double.

Moreover, the games are equipped with the Picture-in-Picture History function . According to the developer, it will allow you to play videos of winning hands. Most likely, this is also a borrowed function from online poker, where players can open the history of games and play any rounds they want.

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