Yggdrasil Launches Frost Queen Jackpots With Progressive Jackpots

Accumulative prizes are played during free spins, where you need to collect five identical gems. There are three ways to get into free spins. Collect 5 identical keys in the main game, three or more scatters, or by activating the Pick & Click bonus.

The collected keys are transferred from one game session to another. However, gems in free spins are reset to zero with each entry into the bonus round. There are five jackpot tiers in total, all progressive. From each bet, 3.8% goes to the amount of savings, there is no maximum limit on the amount. Each of the levels has the following initial values ​​and percentage of deductions from each bet:

  • Orange – 15,000 euros, 1.2%
  • Red – 1,500 euros, 0.6%
  • Purple – 600 euros, 0.6%
  • Green – 200 euros, 0.7%
  • Blue – 40 euros, 0.7%

The chances of hitting the jackpot are proportional to the size of the bet. You can even break all five accumulations in one round.

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