Yokohama Wants to Establish an Independent Integrated Resort Committee

The government of the Japanese city of Yokohama has said it wants to arrange for the creation of a new independent integrated resort committee before submitting a proposal to the Japanese government for one of three available licenses to build an integrated casino resort in the region.
The Yokohama authorities have reportedly said they will submit an authoritative directive to the Yokohama Assembly for the committee to choose which private partner will help develop the casino resort if its proposal is successful. The committee will be composed of seven members, who will be independent from the city government, but will have experience in complex resorts.
Yokohama is expected to present its policy on comprehensive resort offerings at the end of the first quarter of 2020, and the selection process for private development partners will take place over a nine-month period from April 2020 to December 2020. Once a partner has been selected, the City will submit its comprehensive resort offer to the Japanese government by mid-2021.
Until now, it is believed that at least seven firms have expressed interest in participating in the construction of complex resorts with casinos in Japan. One of which is Genting Singapore Ltd, a company specializing in the development of leisure, hospitality and all-inclusive resorts in Singapore. This company develops and operates major all-inclusive resorts, investments, casino operations, and marketing support services for leisure and hospitality businesses and investments. Singapore firm says it is ready to invest $ 10 billion in Japanese integrated casino resort.

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